Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Last Day to Save 78% On Audio Library!

The 2009 Vision Forum “Kit and Kaboodle” CD Library features some of our most popular messages, providing biblical answers to many of the most-asked questions from parents who long for a victorious family vision. And, as a special perk, we are including our brand-new Jonathan Park audio adventure album in this year’s collection!

In order to make these inspirational, family-building CDs available to as many families as possible, for a limited time we are offering the “Kit and Kaboodle” CD Library at a 78% savings — pay only $1.98 per CD! We hope this special $99 price will enable you to substantially increase your family’s audio library, and perhaps purchase additional sets to encourage your extended family and friends as well.

Some of Ah the life's favorites?

How to Think Like a Christian (CD)

Victories! Moments, Large and Small, Which Define Christian Parenthood (CD)

Suffer the Children: The Blessing of 'Imperfect' Children (CD)

Seven Bible Truths Violated by Christian Dating (CD)

What the Bible Says about Scorn and Mockery (CD)

How to Evaluate a Suitor (2 CDs)

The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing Her Husband's Vision (2 CDs)

Manly Friendships (2 CDs)

The Blessed Marriage (CD)

What Hollywood Teaches About Manhood (CD)

What's a Girl to Do? (CD)

The Centrality of the Home in Evangelism and Discipleship (CD)

Okay, never mind. I'm just going to end up putting them all on the favorites list. We've heard all of them except "George Washington: America's Joshua" (go listen to the clip, Wasn't that good?!?!) and undoubtedly it's will be just as inspiring, informative, and helpful as the rest. We have always found what we needed, in every Vision Forum CD we've listened to. At $1.98 a piece, the same as a coffee a day, the value in the content of the messages and what they will produce in your family life, business life, church life, is worth far more than the investment.

Visit today!

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