Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Behind the Seams - Knit A Baby Dress


hannah said...

So, will you somehow be sewing the skirt of the dress to the onesie top (a good idea for someone who's not an accomplished knitter), or are you just using the storebought clothing as a size comparison?

And yes, I've been a lurker for a few months now. ;)

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Nice to meet you Hannah. Thanks for stopping in and saying hello. (In all fairness, I've been a lurker of Mountain Musings.)

To answer your question, I am just using the onsie as a comparision. It was just a spur of the moment test to see if I could make a pattern and design that was interesting and easy enough for a new knitter. I can't say that I am thrilled with how it came out though. :)

Lauren Christine said...

What a great idea! Sweater dresses are so soft, but are quite pricey in the store. Lovely!

The Kautts said...

Who is the baby dress for? I'm curious!


Anonymous said...

In case you never have heard of her, I suggest you google Elizabeth Zimmerman. She was a wonderful knitter/mentor/teacher of many good designers and "unventors". Her books are great resources for designing your own patterns.

One thing I like to do when designing knit garments is to find a simple garment that fits the way I want my designed garment to fit and then knit pieces that match the pieces of the garment I like. If you pay attention to gauge (which Mrs. Zimmermann talks extensively about in her books) you can use any fancy stitches you want, as long as your pieces match the "pattern pieces" you have chosen. Once you get the hang of that process, it is easy to change the shape of the garments. I actually think it is easier to design knitwear than create sewing patterns designs. I'm sure this will come pretty easy for you. As with so many things, it just takes a little practice.

Mrs. Y