Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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The Global Influence of John Calvin — Dr. Joseph Morecraft III
History of the World A.D.

"...People don't normally link Calvin and Evangelism. He established the first school of evangelism in Europe and sent evangelists and missionaries all over the world, all over Europe that is, and as far away as Brazil South America in the mid 1500's. Many of the academy's graduates were sent to France which was a dangerous mission because to be a reformed minister in Roman Catholic France, was to risk your life"


The Haltermans said...

I love this set. I started my B.C. set and I am on #9 and I am going to work my way through them again.

Anonymous said...

We just brought back out our History of the World set with the B.C. and A.D. set also. I can't wait to add the Rushdoony CD sets on history too.


Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Another "don't miss this one" lecture in this set that I (re)listened to the same day was given by Mr. Botkin, "America's Social Engineers and What They Designed"

Joseph Morecraft's "The Remarkable Life of Oliver Cromwell" will bring a person to tears and inspire greatness.

In Christ