Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drawing and Contest with the Wintons!

The Wintons began singing and playing together at home for fun, learning to harmonize and become strong instrumentally. What began as an interest in bluegrass music grew unexpectedly by the hand of the Lord into a family music ministry. They now perform a mix of gospel and traditional bluegrass music at venues throughout California.

The Winton boys, Cody and Jesse, have distinguished themselves as accomplished musicians on the fiddle, mandolin, banjo, and Dobro guitar. Cody and Jesse write some of their own songs, two of which are featured on the Winton's debut album, 'This World is Not My Home.' They are quickly creating quite a buzz and once you hear them you'll know exactly why.

Just this year both Jesse and Cody placed 1st and 3rd, respectively, in the California State Fiddle and Picking Championships in the 17 and under picking category! This category is comprised of all pickers; mandolin, guitar and banjo. The boys have their sights on heading to Kansas to compete in the National Picking Championships in the Fall of 2010 while the Winton family is touring. They will be competing against other young people from all over the nation on their individual instruments who share their love of picking.

Jesse with Sonya Issacs

Cody with The Issacs banjo player, trying out his Huber.

California Bluegrass Association's reviewer Joe Ross says of their first album, “As soon as it started to spin, I realized that this was not simply another family band picking around their front porch. The CD exudes a great deal of song variety, individual talent, and group dynamics...has some eclectic tastes from bluegrass to folk, with a solid contribution of Gospel songs...The Wintons' music simply emphasizes their familial bond, brotherhood, enjoyment of music, enthusiasm, and optimism...God has provided them with a path forward and some guided direction that encourages them to fully share their musical ministry far and wide."

In the Winton Family front room.

Makes you want a copy of the album for your very own doesn't it! Well, here's your chance to win one. Getting your name in the bucket is as easy as 1, 2, 3....

But, I'm also going to give you the chance to win a grand prize Winton bundle! (A little more work but it's worth it!) That's right, you have the opportunity to receive 2 CDs and 4 gift cards each for a free download of the whole album! Maybe you've got some birthday's coming up on your calendar? Or you are already thinking about Christmas! (Submitting an entry is confession to the rest of us but we do our best to deal with the guilt) Here's you're chance to wow your friends and family with some of the finest blue grass they've heard in a long time.

But first for the single album:

1. Go listen to the sample tracks on Behemoth.com and then come back here and tell us which is your favorite by leaving a comment. I know, it will be hard. If you find it impossible, which I think will be inevitable than you're free to list your top three...or rank them 1-10 if you can't handle it. ;)

2. Share the goodness with friends and family! Do you know a bluegrass enthusiast that would really enjoy this wonderful album? Tell them about this contest and opportunity to own a Copy of the CD for themselves. When they submit an entry in the contest (via step one) have them mention you told them. You'll get another name in the bucket! (There's no hole in this bucket Liza dear...)

Use this graphic on your side bar and link to the contest url.

3. Post the contest in your Facebook status, or Twitter it, or Myspace it, or Blog it, or whichever other social media you use. Leave a comment with proof and receive an entry for every re-post!

4. Finally, for the grand prize, a separate contest for a bundle of 2 "This World Is Not My Home" CDs and 4 gift cards, each for a download of the full album! Here's the contest rules:

Purchase a track from Behemoth.com and sing-a-long or play along, with one of their songs. Record it and upload it to Vimeo with the title "The Wintons - song title- your name" Send a link to your submission to ahthelife@gmail.com The winning submission will be highlighted on Ah, the Life... blog.

Both drawing and contest will run until midnight of August 14th so there's plenty of time to spread the word and put your talent and creativity to work producing your grand prize contest entries.The Winton Family will be the judges for the Grand Prize entries.

And have you heard? The Wintons will be preforming at the 2009 Vision Forum Father/Son Discipleship Retreat hosted at Crooked Creek Ranch!


Jim Bob Howard said...

My favorites are:

1. Get Right or Get Left
2. Wicked Path of Sin
3. This World Is Not My Home

Love the whole album, though!!!

Marci said...

I love their music!!! Here is my top 3 picks...

1. Wicked Path of Sin
2. Get Right or Get Left
3. Gradyville

They have wonderful harmonies and you can tell they know their stuff on the instrumentals.

Marci said...

Ok, I posted this on my blog, on my Homestead List and also sent out an email to all my bluegrass lovin' friends. Not sure how many entries that is, but I trust you. :)

Anonymous said...

My Favorite is "This World Is Not My Home"...we used to sing this in church many years ago and it brings back fond memories, plus I just love the song!

The whole ablum sounds great!!
Jennifer Harrell

Lauren Zimmerman said...

It's been wonderful getting to know Mrs. Winton through facebook!

My favorite is: Through the Window.

They're all wonderful!!!

Oh, and it's in my facebook status too. : )

Hannah said...

They are really good.

My favorite 3 are
2)Cane Valley
3)Leaving New Hampshire

(#'s 3 and 5 are really good too)

kimberly in idaho said...

Awesome! How about "This World Is Not My Home". I love Bluegrass Gospel. Oh...and I read about this on Marci's blog. Kimberly Dutt

Wade Dutt said...

My wife, Kimberly, just told me I should enter this contest. We listened to the tracks together and I liked "Get Right or Get Left" best. We really thought all the songs were good. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I really like I'm Asking You.

What an awesome give-a-way!

-Rebecca Coleman

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to show here that I Facebook-ed it but your are my Facebook friend so I am sure you'll see it. :-)


Anonymous said...

Our family choices:

1. I'm Asking You
2. Through the Window
3. Gradyville

Love your CD!

Karen Gregg

Darlene said...

You're right, it's hard to pick a favorite, but here's our choices:
1. I'm Asking You
2. This World is Not My Home
3. Through the Window
Keep up the Kingdom work!

We saw your draw on Marci's Down on the Farm blog.

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

I love this type music!!

My favorites are:

1. Get Right or Get Left
2. This World Is Not My Home
3. Cane Valley

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

Todd Rogers said...

5 Get Right or Get Left

Courtney Lambert said...

I twittered (which dripped to my Facebook)about the contest here:


Thanks again! :)
Courtney L.

Sarah said...

Our favorites are...

-This World is Not My Home
-Get Right Get Left
-Leaving New Hampshire

I also put this on Facebook!!

~Sarah Discher~

Connie said...

My family and I really like this music to praise the Lord. We have been to many folk festivals and we love it. Your songs have the best finger picking and strumming ever.

Our favourite songs are...

-Wicked Path of Sin
-This World is Not My Home
-Leaving New Hampshire
-V Bottom Boat

Lord bless you all and keep up the good work!

Connie Clark

Linda Vaught said...

Such fantastic music and such a fantastic family. My favorite is I'm Asking You.

LifeofFaith said...


My favorite is Through the Window.

Thank you for having this drawing,

Sarah Grace said...

Hi! I would LOVE to win a cd!

*My favorite song would be "This world is not my home".
*I shared this with my Mom and she entered.
*I also blogged about this contest:

~Sarah Grace

Heather Simpson said...

I would like to be entered as well. My daughter, Sarah Grace, told me about this giveaway. My favorite song would be (yes, the same as my daughter!) "This World is not my home".

Sarah Grace said...

Whoops! I forgot to say that I also put a picture of the giveaway linking it to this post on my blog. You can view it here; http://alwayslive4him.blogspot.com