Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the Top 5 of the Courtship and Marriage Reading List


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Hmm...really? How so?

Simply Vintagegirl said...

I cannot help but ask, "What happened to Miss Andrea?"! ;D

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...


While the post was supposed to be comedic, David Allen does make some useful points.

There is a prevailing ideal that marriage happens to us. When in reality it is a duty, something we're called to simply go do.

David Allen exposes why so many people get stalled out on "projects."

He says we know we have these "things" we have to do. We feel responsible and we keep them in mind but we've simply not determined the next "action step."

Our to do lists are full of projects rather than action steps. We look at them and become overwhelmed. We can't do projects however, only action steps.

We may not know what all the action steps are that will bring up to the end of our project, but we can do what we do know is next. And generally speaking, once that step is taken the next becomes clear.

There are many reasons that contribute to not being able to determine the next action step. One is just not realizing where not determining the next action step and getting muddled by the looming whole picture of the project we don't know how to complete. Or just plain and simple avoidance, or an over arching opinion of what the next action step is supposed to be coupled with a road block so it appears that there's nothing that can be done, or conflict with the overarching opinion that could possibly explode and kill the whole project.

But simply, just taking the time to determine and execute the next action step is, for some people, monumental.

We wanted to update the profile picture. But haven't had the chance. I constructed and painted the last one that was up. It was a fun project...so I thought I'd try it again...:)