Saturday, July 25, 2009

Entrepreneurship As A Solution To The Health Care Crisis

The Heart of a Company: The birth of a seriously ill child set Kenny Kramm on a course from ordinary guy to extraordinary entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneurial family we have been encouraged by stories much like the Kramm's. Off the top of my head I can think several similar stories where entrepreneurial couples, along with their families faced medical challenges and matured rapidly. There was simply no toying around and so they grew personally, spiritually and as entrepreneurs far beyond most.

In our socialistic day in age, when it's accepted to abort, before and after birth, I find the Kramms a breath of fresh air. Their story tells us, "It's no ones responsibility but my own." And their faith is blessed tremendously far beyond what it would have been possible had this specific motivation not come into their life.

The Kramms faced what many entrepreneurs face, a dual with a family member. It's a delicate situation balancing honor and a vision or a mission. Our father has had to counsel young couples many times on the importance of maintaining honor while fulfilling one duties & obligations. Again and again, we've seen the same results. Persisting, continuing to pursue a vision or mission, holding to the truths they are seeking to live out while remaining respectful, crossing the threshold created by expectations (based on error, myth, societal standards, low aim or what have you) of well meaning family members, proves those truths to one's family members, is a witness to them, it is edifying for them, freeing them from the myths they've been clinging to far too long. It often restores broken or stressed relationships.

But on to the the Kramms.

Mr. Kramm is an example of manhood at it's finest. I have to highlight that he was not the out-going personality and entrepreneurial "type." Pitch your personality books. Sorry, but they are boxing you into a comfort zone that may very well keep you from realizing your fullest potential. He also did another important thing that contributes to the success of a business. He maintained a very narrow focus. One of the things that we've been taught and have taught is that we're to analyze our activities in light of the vision or mission we're on. If they have nothing to do with that vision than we're to have nothing to do with them. People fitter away so much time on unnecessary matters dissipating their energies and presenting a scattered view of how life is lived to those they are leading. He also, took it a phase at a time. When one phase ended and even before it ended, he had another phase and end goal insight.

Mrs. Kramm followed her husband's example and leadership. There is not doubt that the tight family unit contributed to their success.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did. It's one that should ultimately be visited and revisited.

The Heart of a Company: The birth of a seriously ill child set Kenny Kramm on a course from ordinary guy to extraordinary entrepreneur.

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