Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Quilt Give-Away!

I've been hopping around the online quilt world, looking around to see what everyone is up to. Things have changed so much since I started quilting in the late 90's. During my half-a-decade or so distraction, colors have changed, patterns have changed, creativity has flourished, and the tools and tutorials are so many. Even the way business is done is fascinating and friendly. No more waiting in long lines on combat sale day at the cutting counter.

Quilts have come along way too. I remember pouring through block books looking at all the traditional block designs and wondering who came up with them & who named them originally. Who wrote the rules?

Now I'm finding quilters that design fabrics, blocks, techniques, quilt designs and much more. It's inspiring to me because I really, really enjoy being creative...really. If you know me well, one of my most common phrases is, "I have an idea..."

So in the spirit of creativity and in light of my latest adventure back into quiltdome...I have an idea!

Go throw your name in the hat for this lovely quilt being given away on Kati Cupcake's Quilt Blog!

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Achaia said...

Hello Kelly & Andrea~

I love to quilt as well! I made my first quilt by myself when I was about 11. I always loved going to the quilt store with my Mom, and when possible, buying little fat quarter bundles. Two of my great grandmother's quilted and we are enjoying some of them today!

May The Lord bless you with a beautiful day~
In Christ,