Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lovely Light Blue Civil War Victorian Gown For Sale

This light blue plaid dress is made out of a lightweight decorator’s fabric in order to give the skirt a rich full look.

The back of the skirt hangs 44” from waist band, and the front hangs 41 ½”. This cut makes a slight train, creating an elegant look!

The bodice flares out at the waist making the waist look small and petite!

The skirt also has a growth tuck that holds up 1 ½” so that could be let out to make it longer or you can add more to make it shorter. The circumference of the skirt is 166 ½”.

Delicate details!
The trim that goes off the shoulders and across the front and back make the shoulders look wider thus giving the dress a very authentic Civil War era look as do the sleeves.

The bodice is closed with 13 hooks and eyes and the sleeves are closed with cuff links, which are included.

The skirt has a 5½-inch hem guard to protect the hem from wear.

Find out more about this dress and place your bids here. Please feel free to ask questions through the auction. Thanks for looking and Happy bidding!!!

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Amber said...

Thank you so much Kelly!

Mary said...


Marci said...

What a GORGEOUS dress. It is beautiful!! I sent a link to several people.

The Kautts said...

Very pretty! I can't see why you might want to sell it! ;-)


margi said...

Very beautifully made, the lining is evidence of real ability. My grandmother was a tailoress who served her apprenticeship before the first world war and although she is long gone I think of her every time I see a genuinely crafted garment.

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

What a wonderful heritage you have. And what a blessing to have a refined insight into the craft.

Our mother taught us to sew when we were young and I treasure the skill and the opportunity it offers to be creative along with the sense of accomplishment. I've found much joy passing it on as well.

I think one of my most treasured aspects is being puzzled while working on a project, entreating the Lord for the solution and praising Him when the answer comes. When the project is complete I see it as His handy work and I find it very difficult to part with it. :)