Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Clue To Who...

But first a peek inside Easy and Elegant Lone Star Quilts: All the Wow Without the Work! How can something so elegant be so simple?

And now the clues:
They like their coffee in the morning and their children are more than happy to serve it to them.

Mama loves a clean kitchen.

The family has repeatedly dealt with a lady wondering through their woods. Calls to the sheriff, neighbors and such haven't remedied the problem.

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1 comment:

Nick Jesch said...

The first two clues could apply to almost any family with kids old enough to make coffee (Mum taught me when I was in kindergarten, and I made it for her every morning most of my life....brewed swill from a can, but SHE liked it _part of why I never drank the stuff until very recently)

the last, though.... must be some sort of local legend to which we "outlanders" are not privy.

So, the game is afoot.......

by the bye, two of the three "related links" go to "invalid item" pages at VF..... don't know if that is intended, but that's where they led ME.