Friday, June 12, 2009

Boys Protect Girls - Why You Won't See Me Dying For You Any Day Soon

"...we can conclude that anyone who uses women and children as “human shields” is indeed a wicked ruler."

"The truth is that “Boys protect girls” is not just a moral imperative. It is an ontological reality. That is, men will always lead women. The only question is whether that leadership will be servant leadership [as Christ died for His church]. The only question is whether men will lead by ordering women off to battle, or to serve men’s petty wants, whether we will send our sisters to face off with the Lady from Child Protective Services, or have them shine our shoes. Or, will we lead as Jesus led?"

Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. defines a man's role as protector.

Don't be fooled by film, books and other media today that depicts a pistol packing woman fighting crime and confronting injustice along side men as the biblical role of women. It is not. A woman's role is BEHIND her man. Should he see war, whether on our soil or abroad, she may be more likely to have to defend herself should he die, but she is there behind him because he has proven he will and can stand in front of her.

Man's protection of woman extends to more than that of physical safety. He is to shield her from the wiles of the devil and so he watches for her soul, knows her mind and feeds her spiritual truths and instruction. He shields her from affronts that would trample a woman's need for privacy and the ability to trust in her husband alone, her weaker emotional nature, her reputation, her character. He protects her by providing for her. When he nourishes her she flourishes when he requires her to provide for her self she withers. He knows this because God inclined her heart toward him. He understands she is designed with desires to serve him, his interests, with a desire to respect him, follow him, to trust him and be responsible for his household. When he severs all this and says, "Provide and protect yourself," he severs her from himself.

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Nick Jesch said...

This is so true, and will be hated by many. IN fact, many will even consider these words to be "hate speech". Truth is, it is the reverse that is filled with hate. And its lack in our culture is bearing much rotten fruit. But God's word will prevail, because it ALWAYS accomplishes that for which it is spoken.