Monday, May 04, 2009

Waterbrook Studios Offers An Incredible Opportunity

This year marks John Calvin's 500th Birthday. Festivities have been planned, books are being written, published and distributed, studies are being offered, and now, an incredible opportunity to own a bronze replica of the great reformer in this historical year!

Waterbrook Studios just launched with this beautiful premiere piece!

Five Hundred years ago God raised us a man who impacted the world in a way that few Christian men ever have.

For John Calvin the reformation was more than merely a reformation of the church and its theology. It was a total reformation of every area of living, As a result there is a scarcely a discipline known to man that has escaped the influence of this godly reformer.

The 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth not only calls for celebration, but it also extends a challenge to our own generation. At the very heart of Calvin's life and legacy is the indefatigable pursuit to see all things brought in to subjection to the Christ of Scripture. This legacy must become our very own.

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