Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Little Tait Update

With just 30 days to go and Little Tait's Preemie Fund is nearly halfway to it's intended goal.

From www.littletait.com

"We are currently attempting to raise $51,644 by June 3rd. If we do not raise that amount by the 4th, then our bill will be turned over to collections, and will skyrocket to the original total of $186,769. With God's blessing, work on our part, and the help of the body of Christ, it can be done! Look at these figures:"

Amount Donated: Amount of Donors:
$100 Per Month / 2 Months 159
$75 Per Month / 2 Months 213
$50 Per Month / 2 Months 319
$25 Per Month / 2 Months 639

Donations can be made at www.littletait.com

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