Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Jon Ten Dolle and Beth Serven Wedding

Andrea and I had the privilege and the pleasure of attending the wedding of Jon Ten Dolle to Beth Serven in Missouri recently. We were also spoiled rotten the whole way there and back. The Gunn family allowed us to accompany them and so we spent 4 days immersed in a family culture that is incredibly inspiring. We had a wonderful time in edifying conversation with Colin and Emily. They are extremely gracious hosts.

Our armed guard Indiana Jones even came along for the ride.

Car seat companion Miss Molly.

Miss Mercy with the wedding program is ready for the celebration to begin.

Here comes the bride.

Singing a hymn

Gracie and Noah taking it all in.

Signing the new Ten Dolle family bible

Husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ten Dolle

Where did they go?

After the reception, the race through the rice

On our stop for a picnic and for the stretching of the legs. :)

and on to Texas.

Update: Here is a video clip of the wedding taken by Andrea Schwartz of Mr. Serven giving a charge to Jon & Elizabeth before transferring her to Jon.

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