Saturday, May 16, 2009

de Deugd Fruit Drying System

All the way from Australia, a guest post by Genevieve de Deugd! Some of you might remember Genevieve Smith from "So Much More" by the Botkin ladies. Genevieve is married now and has a darling little daughter named Natalie. In her own words, "Marriage is a blessed estate!"

The de Deugd's have been hard at work and amongst many things their hands have found to do, they have recently put together a fruit drying system. See for yourself!

Pete was inspired to create a fruit drying system to utilize more of the fruit from our orchard. It works a treat just from the wind blowing through the racks. Drying takes about 1-2 weeks. Would probably take a shorter time if the wind was dry and if it wasn't raining! With our second batch we brought the racks inside when the forecast was for rain and put the rack in front of our heater (it is coming up on winter here). With towels around the rack the hot air was forced up through the rack. The windows all condensed, but the fruit was beautifully dry in about five hours.
The picture Pete found online that inspired him.

We have about 22 racks.

Pete harvesting.

Our experiment of bringing the fruit into the house.

The apples and pears worked great. We threw away the peaches. I hadn't cut them thin enough (or we hadn't dried them long enough) and they went moldy. Plus they still had their furry skins on and tasted bleach.

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