Friday, May 01, 2009

Crown Financial Offers Three Business Start Up Tips

Three tips on how to get started in business. All very simple. All very wise. All very essential. You'd be surprised how many people don't make an assessment, a plan to follow, count the cost and assess the Return on their invested time and money in their new start up business. They run on sheer positive attitude and don't realize you can indeed project results.
Here's what I love about these three tips. If you can do this for a small business you can do this with a larger one. Say you start a smaller business you're comfortable starting with little capital little risk, do it and build your confidence and skills as a young entrepreneur. But then, once the ripples are settled and you're familiar with the territory that comes with a new little venture, repeat the process with a bigger one. Entrepreneurs understand that they create their own opportunities. The same steps apply to a bigger opportunity. Be willing to "grow" yourself and stretch yourself. Be willing to go back to the drawing board and do it again.
One of the dangers to watch out for if you are in school looking to educate yourself into a job and become an employee is that the culture of the schooling system and the work place is designed to create the employee mindset. A set of ideals that will make a man or a woman the perfect employee.
That's great for them, but not always great for the employee or potential employee.
If you're spending your time developing yourself to be the best employee you can become realize that one of the potential traps of the employee mindset is that if you have to work for the man on his terms. There is little time invested in determining your own goals, planning for your own family's needs, and there is very little opportunity to create your own money making opportunities and advance yourself. If your employer is the one that determines your opportunities, If HE signs your check, if HE issues a pay increase, if HE'S in charge of the bonuses, and id HE'S the one that bequeaths that most spectacular end of the year job incentive, a frozen turkey well, he's the one in control and determining what your financial future will look like.
Do his projections meet you families needs, will they supply you with the income you need to fund your ideas, dreams and goals?
Crown Financial offers 3 Prestart-up tips. Use them, use them again and make your opportunities happen.

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