Monday, April 27, 2009

Reclaiming A Right View of Christ and Our Brokeness

We have, since the day we were saved, heard that one of the battles of our day is for a right view of Christ and the Gospel. That the long-haired bearded effeminate Jesus was an attack on the gospel of devastating proportions. At first it seemed strange. How could that be so significant?

For over a decade now, we've seen first hand and mourned over the results of a corrupted and effeminate gospel. In essence, it's wreaked devastation on a generation, who will now go straight to hell unless we take dominion in this area and battle for what is true and right.

Why is it so effective? It edifies man's flesh, the flesh that is already in control of him, the flesh that is already his master. This devastating "gospel" says, "serve that master, it's your friend." But this sissified gospel is not as friendly and gentle as appearances would have men think. No playing around, it goes right to the heart of their unregenerate state and says, "It's not a significant condition in any way, shape or nor does it have a significant bearing on what your future will be like. Don't change anything. Embrace it."

This twisted view of Christianity has destroyed a sense of righteousness and morality. It's produced a people that have no sense of shame, no sense of honor, and no moral compass for that matter. And to be quite honest with you, this push to redefine what is true and right with a perverse perspective is an attack that infuriates me. (Part 4 produced an irresistible need to cheer)

Mr. Baucham is the man of the hour and preaches a message that untangles all that. In his sermon at the "True Church Conference 2009" Mr. Baucham sets the record straight. Praise the Lord for men that stand in the gap against leaders of popular opinion and error.

Each part is 10 minutes long. You may be saying to yourself, "I'll watch a bit now and a bit later" but honestly, once you get started you'll finish it all in one sitting.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

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