Friday, April 10, 2009

The Family Business - A Recipe for Disaster or a Blessing?

On Generations with Vision, by Kevin Swanson:

Failure is Your Friend

"Too often, the family economic vision turns into a nightmare. Some bright-eyed, visionary family purchases a 40-acre farm in Kentucky for $500,000 with $450,000 in debt, and then drives the thing into the ground within 2 years. Experienced business mentor and entrepreneurial guru, Jeff Moore joins us on this edition of Generations to talk about his experience with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Everybody will fail, but some succeed! Don’t miss the wisdom of a seasoned veteran on how to fail and how to fall forward when you fail. This is basic stuff for anybody considering a family economy."

Note: Many of you aren't completely familiar with Mr. Moore's business background. I should explain that for the last 24 years, he and his wife have been stay at home business owners, and during that time, he has been a business mentor to other families attempting the same thing. This gives him a unique experience and understanding of small business success or failure.

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