Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Sign Of The Times

On our back patio you'll find our outdoor shoes. Exciting, I know. The pair on the far right are good for kicking roosters in case you ever visit. With all the gardening going on and egg collecting too, our outdoor shoe collection multiplied quickly making it hard to get to the back door. So we added a handsome wooden shoe rack. It was build by my father years ago, stained and varnished to match the office furniture. Office furniture? Yep, it was video/cassette shelf. It's a sign of the times I guess. It works perfectly holding the toes of your shoes under each back rest.
And while we're's a "must have" boot brush, because chicken yards have much more to offer than farm fresh eggs.


Katarina said...

Where did you get the boot brush, if I may ask?

I know what you mean about chicken yards giving more then what you want. Goat pens are the same way. :D We are always on the look out for something to help keep our shoes clean.


Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Hello Katarina-
Thanks for your question. We picked up the boot brush from BassPro since we are BassPro affiliates. Shop where they pay you to shop...right? :)

Nick Jesch said...

I must say, the most, uhm, genteel way of referring to things besides eggs to be found in a chicken yard.

Your bootrack, er, rather footwear rack, is quite the new take on an old tradition. Here in the Northwet, many Dutch families have settled and persue various farming activities. There will almost always be a similar rack (though I've never seen the videocassette rack resurrected and returned to service) but loaded with their "klompen", their amazing wooden shoes. They all have several pair, some for outside, some for inside.... the mudroom or back porch serves as a "transfer station", allowing the eggs to come inside and all the other "product" of the chickenyard to not. I've seen some klompen so worn there is literally a hole in the bottom... and those wooden shoes are THICK.

Dutchess said...

I am so excited about spring! We have been working in our yard/garden for a solid week now.....SO excited to wake up to birds every will be a few months before I want to shoot them all......:-P

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Mr. Jesch-
I remember as a child being fascinated with their curious looking shoes. I think I would settle for the American equivalent Dankso Clog.

It sounds like you have a lovely setting there. What have you planted? When we arrived here there were no birds. Since the garden was put in and yes, some birdseed put out, we've got quite a variety. Even a chicken hawk.

Dutchess said...

We have several flower patches. No veggies this year so apple tree, and some very sadly neglected strawberries...:-D