Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Experience Than I Care To Admit

I have to admit. These are a lot of fun when there's a house full of boys. You can shoot them, the boys that is, and watch the drama unfold. Diving barrel rolls behind couches, pillows raised that shield the incoming rounds, death scenes that look oh-so-real. :) When every boy wants to be the good guy hero, someone has to be the Red Coat. I gladly oblige.

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Nick Jesch said...

To paraphrase an old saw.. "what if they gave a war and only one side showed up?". Just think, if the Brits had not showed up at Chalmette back in 1815, the Yankees would have come out for a picnic, lugging their arms for naught. Good job the shorter set have a willing Redcoat.....

and, appropos of nothing in this blog so far, there is a rather interesting event taking place at the Dallas Cnvention Center this weekend. The Christian Book Expo, lots of authors there to speak, sign books, etc. I know Alex and Brett Harris will be there (Rebelution, Do Hard Things), and perhaps the highlight will be the panel discussion featuring Christopher Hitchens (atheist author of God is not great, and others) and Douglas Wilson (who has written counters to three of the leading atheists of our day, and has debated Hitch before). that, I believe, takes place Friday afternoon. Also, Fri and Sat night will be pre-screenings of a new film, American Vision underwrote and produced) of the interaction of Wilson and Hitchens last fall, an amazing bit of photojournalism. I've seen excerpts from this film, and wish I could be there to view the whole of it. Can't wait till the DVD is released, I think next month. There was a write up (heavily biased) in the Dallas Morning News a day or so ago.... if I were "in the neighbourhood", I'd be right there..... should be interesting.