Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Master Planner And What It Does For Others

I've used a Franklin Planner to organize myself and learned a lot from the Franklin Covey seminar. I've also tried to keep things together with a Palm Pilot and Palm Software. I have to admit I liked that better than the planner. I have used the compact size planner and well it's more than I wanted to lug around. I've also used the David DeLap system which consists of a yellow pad and a pen that never leave your desk. If you spill your coffee or someone borrows your yellow pad and doesn't put it back, well, you're probably not going to remember to get groceries, return a phone call, or follow through on an order. But it's the system I perfer at this point in my life.

Over the years Andrea and I have picked up tips from books, mentors, Titus 2's and from making mistakes and working out the kinks amongst other things. Are we the gurus of getting things done. No. But regardless of who you are you are just like the rest of us. You only have 24 hours in a day and you face the same question we all do: "How should I prioritize my time?"

There's much that could be said about this very important element of planning and many will pay a high price to get the facts and keep them organized, prioritized, functional and on track. But like everything else in life the Word offers much wisdom and often it's the last place people look. Perhaps that's the very reason why we're caught spinning our wheels?

I really appreciated this article by Anna Sofia especially since she highlights the principle of "redeeming the time" and what that means. I have a really difficult time NOT multitasking. I have a difficult time doing projects that accomplish one goal rather than 12 or 14. For example, why spend countless hours of your life walking the isles and standing in lines at the grocery store or post office in today's technological age? It's just not necessary. You can do it at home have it shipped to or picked up from your door step.

I also have a tendency of over doing it, I admit, making projects, schedules and life in general crazy, but hey, it adds to the adventure and challenge right?

If I could add to what Anna says, consider when working with others, younger siblings perhaps, how valuable their time is in light of what God has said. Their time is not yours to waste either. For example consider helping them see the big picture or orchestration many things, rather than working for you like a coolie with little or no understanding of where they fit in God's economy.

If you take the time to consider the value God has put on their time, it will change the way you work with them. It will change your perspective of them. And as a result, you'll find a remarkable change in your relationship with them.

When younger siblings are given tasks that are attached to an "overall" vision, tasks that employ the principle of redeeming the time, tasks that challenge their abilities, and their creativity, they receive those tasks and that vision with an attached message about your leadership and about what you think of them as their older sibling. That message says to them, "You are of value. I see you the light that God has placed on you. I see you as part of His work and the body. I believe that the Lord has the perspective that you will accomplish many things by His grace." That message invigorates them. Giving them this perspective is one way you can serve them. In short it is a way to bless them.

How would you work, feel, perform for someone who thought this of you?

Enjoy Anna Sofia's article...I did.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for linking to this article from the Botkins! I wrote several quotations from it in the front of my own daytimer. As a new stay-at-home wife, I'm finding myself wondering how best to spend my days in order to serve both Christ and my husband. I must thank you so very much for your blog. I've spent a lot of time reading and learning from you and so many others online. I'm 43, married for almost 6 years, and this (since January) is the first time in my adult life I've been at home. What a blessing it's been! Thanks for your blog!!! It's ministered to me in so many ways. God's blessings to you!

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on your homecoming! It's definately an article that we'll be reading again and again in future to help keep our compasses trained north. :)

Many blessings on your stay-at-home adventure.