Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun On The Farm

I know some people whose idea of an extreme sport is swallowing vitamins, at any rate, whether you're an extreme sport enthusiast or not you'll enjoy "Extreme Shepherding"


Nick Jesch said...

Twenty first century technology meets sons of Abraham. Fascinating stuff. And weren't those sheepdogs something? What modern shepherds do with too much time on their hands. BAA studs, indeed! I DID enjoy this .

Nathan Hayden said...

That's very amazing! I just wonder how long it took them to make the sheep do exactly what they wanted them to do. So, are you getting sheep now? :D

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Not any time soon!

Nick Jesch said...

My Hayden, watch the video again, pay close attention to those sheepdogs. Listen for the whistles, watch for the hand motions the men are giving. THOSE are all the means of directcing the dogs, who then direct the sheep. Now, the hard bit, I can well imagine, was to choreograph the movements of the lit sheep in the three dimensions of the fields ahead, in order to determine the orders for the dogs. Yes, herding dogs are amongst the most amazing animals God has blessed us with. What is amazing is to watch an "untrained" herd dog... they know how, though no one has taught them. It is a part of their nature. An amazing thing to watch.