Thursday, March 12, 2009

Death Defying Foot

I had to make a call on the tenants of the bunny ghetto this afternoon. I had received some complaints from tenants A and D about water leaks. With the strong Texas rains having just arrived this spring, it seems that tenant A had water coming in on all sides. Tenant D faired better, but not by much.

I decided the best option was to tear down the ghetto and reconstruct it. Bricks, a pallet, pieces of 2x4...the tenants are feeling the effects of a downed economy. I feel sorry for them but for what they produce it's all they can afford.

The bunny ghetto now looks like, well, a ghetto...but at least the tenants are up off the ground and the visqueen is wrapped more securely.

The ghetto backs up to a gated upscale neighborhood, (which after this afternoon I think should be called Remington Park), with homes constructed by a well known local architect and engineer. I needed access to the backside of the ghetto in order to tuck in the visqueen, and so I went through the main entrance. Remington Park residents were waddling around their beloved suburb enjoying the various neighborhood attractions. No welcome commitee showed up however.

Now, I didn't don my best duds for today's project knowing what I was up for, but I would have figured it was pretty apparent I was not a resident of the bunny ghetto, nor was I up to any shinanigans worthy of such disapproval. I went to tucking in the visqueen with one eye on those now loitering near by. It didn't take long and I turned to go.

I hadn't taken one step when I was confronted by the block association's president. He was not interested in talking in terms I appreciated. In fact, his attact was more than unfriendly with intent to do harm. I was thankful that I was wearing my tall snake boots and gave him one death defying foot to the chest. Wouldn't you know it, our rooster can fly in reverse.

It's unfortunate. We had much vision for the bird. But it is not always that namesakes fullfill their destiny. We have revoked the name Samual Adams and replaced it with Rooster Cogburn.


Anonymous said...

If I were him I would pick my enemies very carefully.. I have a sneaky suspicion the landlord might pass pass an eviction sentence if he doesn't fly straight.I hear chicken and dumplings is a great meal and warms the heart during bad weather.. :)

The Haltermans said...

You are such a wonderful narrator!! I can truly envision all of this taking place! Sometime after new baby gets here (which is now 3 days past due) I would love to come and visit!! I guess we should start praying for the local bunny economy since the rain and winds of spring are just arriving! God Bless!

Nick Jesch said...

Hilarious stuff, Ladies!! Hey, George Orwell's got nuthin on you lot!! Master Cogburn might do rather well in calling to mind certain mechanical devices manufactured by the namesake of his place of residence. He'd not do well at the receiving end of one of those devices......