Monday, February 09, 2009

Terri's Father Pleads Earnestly With Eluana's Father.

(Monday 9 February 2009)

Mr. Englaro,

Let me introduce myself. I am Bob Schindler, Terri (Schindler) Schiavo’s father.

Although we come from two different continents with different cultures, we do have many things in common. We both are fathers and we both have been gifted by the same God with children. In my case it was three. Your daughter and my daughter’s birth did not just happen. It was an act of God.

I can remember when my daughter Terri was an infant and how proud I was when people would remark about her good looks. I was equally as proud of her when she took her first steps and when she said her first words. It was this pride that pleased me throughout her adolescent years and as she grew to be a young adult.

We both have a child that suffered severe brain injuries. I know very well the profound effect this type of injury can have on our loved one and their families. We both have experienced the same misfortune and hardships. However, we do differ. Your daughter is alive and mine is not. You have control of Eluana’s future. I did not have any input regarding Terri.

From the time my daughter Terri suffered her brain trauma, I made a commitment to her to get her proper treatment. I failed. I unsuccessfully fought the courts and her husband to have input in her treatment and to bring her home. That didn’t happen and today I grieve my failure because it resulted in her death.

My family and I grieve the loss of Terri. I particularly grieve the method in which she was put to death. She died of starvation and dehydration.

This type of death is cruel and barbaric. Advocates of euthanasia will tell you to starve and dehydrate a brain injured individual is painless. As a witness to this type of execution I can say this is not true. It is by far the most painful death a person can experience. That is why this is always done in strict privacy void of any witnesses or cameras.

If you intend to do this to your daughter, I suggest you prepare yourself for her suffering. She will be reduced to skin and bones. Her eyes will bulge out of their sockets. Her teeth will protrude abnormally and her cheekbones will be enlarged. Need I tell you more. She will suffer beyond belief.

My daughter looked like an inmate you see in documentaries of Nazi concentration camps. On the last few days of her life I was denied when I asked for the media to witness her death. I didn’t want anyone else to die in this manner.

God gave you and I the responsibility to instill morals in our children and to keep them out of harms way. To starve and dehydrate your daughter is far from God’s wishes.

Bob Schindler Sr.
ACTION ALERT: Please contact the US Embassy of Italy at (202) 612-4400, or (202) 612-4444; e-mail:; Fax (202) 518-2154 asking them to communicate to the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano that he should IMMEDIATELY sign the decree which would prevent Eluana’s inhuman dehydration death.

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