Friday, February 06, 2009

Making Spinach Dust

Mom is preparing to make some spinach noodles. She's picked some spinach from the garden and dried it on our dehydrator. Here she prepares 3 trays full of spinach.


The Haltermans said...

Interesting.... I have read recipes where you blanch it and then make the noodles, but never dehydrate and make dust. I would be interested in your recipe, Corey loves spinach pasta (and tortillas too!)
God Bless,

Robyn said...

where did you get your dehydrator? It looks like it can hold alot. Robyn Martin

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

We purchased the dehydrator from Northern Tool and Equipment since we are an affiliate. I don't see it in their online store anymore. They may have it in store though. you might try calling them. If that's the case, just buy a gift certificate online and then go in store and purchase. But make sure that NT&E certificates earn you affiliate points first.

The model is an Excalibur 2500. It has 6 trays if I remember correctly. We like this model because the trays slide out the front independent of each other as opposed to other models that stack layer upon layer. In order to check a bottom layer you have to dissasemble all the layers just to check on the bottom layer and it's contents to see how it's doing. You do a lot of "checking" when you use a dehydrator.