Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter Photography

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Anonymous said...

Wow -- a pix of the old LightCrust mill. Ask how many of your readers can actually REMEMBER the old LightCrust Dough Boys (a Texas Swing band of the 30s-50s).

Pastor Bacon

Nick Jesch said...

Amazing and beautiful set of photos. You've got lettuce growing outside, (cherry?) blossoms on the trees already? The one of "iced coffee" cracked me up, and I particularly liked the one "textures", of the marque badge/tristar on the bonnet of the old Mercedes. (I've got one that same color and model) Things are still far too cold and wet hereabouts to even think of gardening yet......
This work shows a solid talent for seeing things and capturing an evocative mood, an emotional connexion.

I'm rather too young to have head of it myself at the time, but I'm aware of the Pillsbury Light Crust Doughboys, actually Bill and Charlie Monroe, and later Bill's Bluegrass Boys (from Kentucky) being sponsored on radio by this brand, and singing their little ditty at commercial breaks. This from old recordings they did, and some tapes of live festival performances in the late 1950's and into the '60's. I also have a number of old recordings of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys (don't worry, this was long before Hugh Hefner corrupted that term) and of Benny Thomasson, both playing Texas Swing style. Wonderful fun music. I believe national companies like Light Crust sought out performers in different regions to represent them, as radio was then a local/regional medium, and having groups playing in a particular regional style made a great connexion to the radio audience. Its all part of a culture left behind now, with everything instant and international. Old structures like that grain elevator with its simple reminder message are also disappearing rapidly. Its a good thing, I believe, to preserve their memory through images like this one. Again, excellent set if images. Very satisfying to view them.