Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Must - Today Only!

We've seen these with the kids. I absolutely love them. They are great food for the creative and imaginative soul. We've seen things like a heart that is hooked up to a clear plastic machine pumping still. We've seen how the brain can adjust an inverted image back around the right way in defiance of "special glasses" that turned the world upside down for Mr. Moody. He even flew a plane wearing them! We've seen sharp shooting fish that spit at their lunch!

We like them because they offer a visual demonstration of what they are teaching you. Like the various differently shaped big sponge "cells" used to demonstrate the rate and volume of absorbed liquid. It was a demonstration of why God's design for the blood cell is best.

Every DVD is tied into and supports God's Word and concludes with a word from Mr. Moody. This set will build upon what you've been teaching your children, support their faith, and build their understanding of God, His creation, and laws.

They are full of very practical knowledge. There are many concepts and creative ideas that you will use. Get ready to be inspired at Vision Forum today and don't forget to pick up your free copy of FIREPROOF!

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