Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get Fireproof for Free only at Vision Forum

There's just a couple of days left in the Vision Forum New Year's Clearance Sale, and everything in the store is still 25-50% off.

But the deal just got BETTER because between now and January 31, every order of $100 or more will include a free copy of the hit movie, FIREPROOF, SAICFF Best Feature Film 2009!

This life-changing incredible new movie by the producers of Flywheel and Facing the Giants, stars Kirk Cameron, and was the number one grossing independent film of 2008!

From the beginning, FIREPROOF has been as much about the stories of the people who experience it as the story in the movie. Stories like Trish's:

"My husband and I separated two days before he saw this movie. My husband had been struggling for years with many of the same issues as Caleb. The only reason he saw the movie was he thought it was an action movie. "God caught his attention through this movie, and later that night on his knees and in tears, he became a Christian. He begged me to see the movie. I refused. He did The Love Dare on me, and I reacted the same way as the wife in the movie."However, the second time through the book, I responded. We reunited on December 8, and I saw the movie two days later. Wow! It has been amazing. I asked him how many times he will do the book. He said forever. He is almost done with the third go around. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to our Savior. My husband, children, and I thank you. God bless!"

Get your copy today!


Nick Jesch said...

One never knows that will come later on.... in the interest of not putting it off, I ordered Fireproof (and about a hundred bucks' worth of other stuff) right after the Festival... TOO SOON!!!! Oh well, I'll just take comfort in knowing the money is going to a great cause. There'll always be another "deal" from this lot!! Its "only money" anyway.....

Sydney said...

WOW! An amazing testimony! Thanks for sharing. :)