Thursday, January 01, 2009

Gentle Shepherd Clothes Closet

If you haven't stopped by to visit The Shepherd's Journey I recommend that you do. Ruthanne has to be one of the sweetest and most gracious ladies I have ever met. It's quite evident that she loves her role as wife and mother as she is the mommy of 9 precious children. But her love goes beyond the walls of her own home. Ruthanne has a heart for the unborn knowing that many of them have no one to speak for them, defending their right to life. Ruthanne reaches out to minister to courageous new mommies in her area, involving her children in her work. She is an inspiring woman, just take a look at this post from September of 2008.
Delivering Baby Clothes to a Raleigh Crisis Pregnancy Center

Our family maintains a clothes closet of baby, toddler and maternity clothing to donate to local and not-so-local pregnancy resource centers (also known as crisis pregnancy centers).

These clothes are given to us by a couple of Christian women entrepreneurs who facilitate a HUGE children's consignment sale twice a year here in Birmingham. The sale is so big that there is an amazing amount of beautiful clothing that goes unsold. These clothes, donated by the sellers, are then turned around and distributed to various charities, churches or families in need.
We call our clothes closet ministry the "Gentle Shepherd Clothes Closet" and have been blessed to be able to direct baby and maternity clothes donations to pro-life pregnancy resource centers in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois and Iowa. Soon we are due to take a delivery to Texas!
Ruthanne gets much joy out of de-tagging, removing from hangers, sorting and repackaging the clothing with our children, who have also come to love the work. It's an honor for her to be able to facilitate the meeting of needs of mothers experiencing unexpected pregnancies who have chosen not to abort their children.
Lord willing, we'll get another big batch of clothing in March, after the Spring/Summer sale!
Jay at a Raleigh, North Carolina CPC unloading big bags of baby clothes.

Ruthanne signing a guest register

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Ruthanne said...

Kelly, I wasn't expecting this! You're way too kind, but thank you.

We didn't put that post up to toot any horns. I was really coming at it more from the standpoint of letting other families know that this is something easy they can do in the pro-life battle, too, and I've edited the post to add some thoughts about that.

Also, I really need to give honor where honor is due. My Jay is the gracious one, as twice a year he allows us to fill out living room with piles and piles of baby clothes. For a couple of weeks until I get it all under control and have it more organized in our guest room, there are hangers and safety pins and tags and baby toys and supplies all over the place! It crazy. Good crazy. But he is so kind to just keep stepping over the piles as I and the children get everything sorted by size and other details like that. When he's able and not working hard to provide for our family, he joins us in processing the clothing and it's so much fun!

Anyway, just wanted to add those quick thoughts. Thanks for your sweet words about our little clothes closet. Glory and thanks be to God who provides these clothes for the little ones and their mothers!