Saturday, January 17, 2009

Critique of Princess Diaries II

It has long been our family's opinion that people are amusing themselves to death. All the more reason we are supportive of those taking dominon in the field of Christian Film.

"The future of our culture will be waged in the hearts and souls of the people of this nation. The vision of the Jubilee Awards and the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival is to make one of the many steps needed to lead men to Christ, to train Christians to actually think like Christians, and to take back the culture for the Lord Jesus Christ in the area of film by encouraging, motivating, and rewarding those uncompromising, creative, and innovative filmmakers who are willing to take the narrow path." ~ Doug Phillips

One of my favorite lectures at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival is given by Mr. Botkin and titled, "How to Analyze a Hollywood Movie." Once again, it was a phenomenal lecture this year. Kim Coghlan from Life In A Shoe has posted her notes from the same lecture. Hop over to Life in a Shoe and you'll see why it is such an important lecture.

Thanks Kim!

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