Saturday, January 03, 2009

Behind The Seams: Girly Camera Bag

So, I haven't wanted to admit it yet, but I have a new Canon Rebel XS. I am still fiddling with the buttons and working on shooting a decent picture. So far, I know the on/off switch and which buttons change which numbers on the LCD screen, but I haven't had time to figure out what the numbers mean. Ha!
But that is besides the point right? This is a Behind The Seams post. So, what to do about a camera bag? That's a problem I can tackle easy enough and without a manual and very little trouble shooting.
But here's the problem. Camera bags are ugly and I was kinda wanting a girly looking bag. So, here's what I have come up with. Buy a purse, and modify. It was easy and quick. Here's some photos to show you how the project went.
Plenty of room in there.
Just right for the camera with an 18-55mm lens.

First things first, rip the stitching open in the bottom of the lining. I opened it just enough to get inside and maneuver the foam into place.

Though it looks like the bottom is separate from the left and right sides, it's not. I used a seam stress tape and measured for one long strip that went down one side across the bottom and up the other side. The back and front are covered with separate pieces. Once I had my measurements, I marked the 3/8" thick foam with a sharpee marker and then I cut the foam with regular scissors. I figured it wasn't rocket science. I measured a little long on purpose, and trimmed to a perfect fit.

A blind hem stitch does the trick. The lining will be too big since the inside of the bag is now smaller, but there was no need to take the lining in at all.

I tucked the lining in the corners and in the bottom in between the foam pieces where they meet. Much like a slip cover on a couch. I plan to cover that little zipper pull inside so that it doesn't scratch up the camera.
I have extra pockets for the usual camera paraphernalia: manuals, lens caps, memory cards, cords and what have you.

One very cute girly camera bag.


Jeremiah said...

Although I would never use one, that is an absolutely brilliant idea. If something like this is not already out there, you could take your idea and sell it.

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Hum, interesting. That's the second time I have heard that. :)

Jeremiah said...

Might be too late -

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Thanks Jeremiah. There's some great stuff there. I searched and came up with nothing. Looks like you used key words: "purse" "camera" and "bag"? Easy enough! I was searching for girly camera bag. LOL...

Nick Jesch said...

Excellent idea, and fine results. This should serve you well. Small, handy, comfy, "cute" (a factor for you types... grin..), and doesn't scream "steal me, I've got expensive toys inside". I've had the large holds-it-all pro bags, they are fine for travelling. But, for short hikes, skiing, general knocking about, they are unwieldy and too attractive to the wrong sorts. My favourite small bag is a small soft-sided lunch cooler with a long shoulder strap. It holds my camera and three large lenses, plus small stuff. Looks sufficiently innocent and worthless I've never feared taking it anywhere. Your work here, though, does have a potential market.....

Now, your work is cut out for you in learning how to"drive" that new "toy". You've got a great intro camera, too. Excellent choice.

Anonymous said...

good job! You deserve an A+!

A Sister in the Lord said...

Wow! It's lovely!

~A Sister in the Lord