Monday, October 27, 2008

Naming the Bird Herd....

Now for the naming of our new bird herd....

There are 3 hens needing names. Two are road island reds. One is a black australorp (we think)

One of the RIRs has a flopped over comb. The other RIR has a nice stout comb that stands straight up. This is the only thing that we have been able to use as a distinguishing mark between the two.

The black hen looks like a crow and I was almost convinced she was except that she is very talkative and has convinced me she's a chicken.

So to get on with the winners.

Livvy for submitting Ruby....will be the name of one of the RIRs

Julia for submitting the idea to name it after a characteristic....Flippy Flopper will be the name of the other RIR. And...

Tori for submitting Mrs. Cluckers....The black hen has certainly earned the name.

If the winner's will submit their e-mail addresses to our blog email they will each receive an ebook copy of "How To Be Beautiful and other stories," a story of a young lady that struggles to find the secret hidden in the gospel of Christ. The book dates back to 1827 (or so) I found H2BB in an antique book store in Enterprise Oregon 3 years ago.

Thanks all for the entries...They are on our animal name list in the event that in future more animals come to live on the farm....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rabbit Hutch Plans and Mystery Prizes

Mr. Harey Rabbit's home is under construction...

He is antsy with anticipation...
And so are we to see who win the current blog give-aways. I will announce the winners of the rabbit and hen naming contest on Monday the 27th. That leaves 6 days to submit as many entries as you want. Monday we will see who are the winners of the mystery prizes! We've had great submissions so far and it's gonna be tough to pick!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dove Hunting In Texas

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program for a very manly post. Pat Martin and Dad Reins after yesterday's dove hunting trip...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mr. Harey Rabbit

Mr. Pope says "good bye" to Harey...Thank you Mr. Pope...
Harey makes new friends...and I received many questions.
I heard this several times, "Are you going to keep him?" and, "Are you bringing him next Sunday?" and, "How long are you going to keep him?" but my favorite was, "Next time you catch a rabbit can I have it?"

He has one brown eye...

...and he has one blue eye, which is kind of hard to see in this photo but it's light blue.

Kind of looks like a patched eye with that dark spot....don't you think?
"Aye me name is Captain Harey?!?!?!"
Well...maybe not? I guess it's time for a naming contest...
Any suggestions on what we should call him?
How about Gilbert Blithe? He likes carrot tops....
The winner of this contest will receive a mystery prize!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fall News

Things are sprouting up

The garden is coming along (the fence is not)
Since this photo we have put in broccoli, collard greens (anyone know what to do with those?) lettuce, spinach, peas....and something else I can't remember.

The herbs perked up and took off after being transplanted

This One and That One are wondering if we will keep our promise to them and get them some friends. We've had to round up This One a couple times as she has developed a love for chasing squirrels. Today Mom trimmed her wings and it seems to have helped.

A new BBQ pit...

...with a slightly artsy design ;o)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Outlook...I'm on it...

Has anyone seen my email? I'm on the outlook. They are all missing.

I just lost all of them or it looks that way. I use Outlook for my email program and it just died...I think. I wasn't even using it, honest. It wasn't even an active window. do you like that? This is right when I say, "Ooo, Ooo adventure." And google for a recovery tool. Who doesn't like a challenge anyway? So the adventure begins. We'll see what happens.

So, if anyone is expecting a reply to a recently sent email...It will be delayed a bit...

God Bless,

Update in case anyone cares about technical data type stuff: So it seems that Outlook 2000 users aren't allowed to let their personal file folders get over 2GB total. It's against the rules. And there is no warning. The software doesn't notify you when you are about to cross the line.

Fixing it requires surgery. The over sized file is truncated down to just under 2GB. The recovery tool, that previously refused to work, will now work on the smaller file. Heh hem...after the scan is done when you get to finally click "repair" click it once and be patient. It is working. You can't skip this part even if you want to and thing you can.

The butchered repaired file can then be opened in Outlook and the doctoring of the wound can begin. I was curious to see what part of the file would be cut off. It was the inbox of all things. I have my really large deleted items file (that should have been emptied a long time ago) still.

But it's nice to know it worked. Even if there's a hefty chunk missing.