Friday, December 26, 2008

Vision Forum Year End Liquidation Sale Starts Today

There's some really great buys here. I got a sneak peak (no doubt since it's 2:30 am and I am still up) and Vision Forum is being more than generous with the low prices.
And since I never did rave over one of my favorite books when it came out, what better time than now to let you know that if you haven't read, "To Have And To Hold" well....WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? It's incredible! The first copy that showed up in our congregation went through the church like wildfire as it was passed from one reader to the next. You'll love it. And now that it's 60% off, well, you have no excuses. Here listen to this:

To Have and to Hold emphasizes the sanctity of the marriage covenant in the sight of God, whereby no man or king may invalidate the union:

“[T]he King demands that the lady be sent home forthwith.... His Majesty cannot conceive it possible that she hath so far forgotten her birth, rank, and duty as to have maintained in Virginia this mad masquerade.... The ship is to bring home also — and in irons — the man who married her. If he swears to be ignorant of her quality ... then shall he be sent honorably back to Virginia with enough in his hand to get him another wife....” I interrupted fiercely. “My wife and I were married lawfully, in the sight of God and of man. What God has joined together, let not man tear asunder! She is my wife!” (Excerpt from pg. 91)

It illustrates the nobility of pure womanhood and the importance of a wife identifying with and supporting her husband’s vision:

“We drank of the same cup then, your Honor, and we will drink of it still. We twain were wedded, and the world strove to part us. We stand suffering for that which is right and true, true by the laws of England, and most of all, true before the God who ordained that a woman should follow her husband, yea an though a sovereign should command otherwise!” (Excerpt from pg. 260)

It clearly shows the role of a godly man, both as a valiant, fearless warrior, along with his duty to cherish and serve his wife:

“What is mine is yours: it’s little beside my sword and my name. The one is naturally at my wife’s service; for the other, I have had some pride in keeping it untarnished. It is now in your keeping as well as your own. I do not fear to leave it there, madam.” (Excerpt from pg. 86)

Do I need to go on?
Some other favorites? Well okay...
"The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing Her Husband's Vision" is 70% off. Sorry, I should have told you to sit down first.
But since you're already sitting look at these other's that are a steal. They are some of my favorites.
"So Much More" at 55% off
"The Best of the Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy" 16 CDs for the price of 3 and a half!
And you know what? ....there's so many others that I am really glad I have. You can be certain that it's what you're looking for from the description. I have never been disappointed when I purchased something from Vision Forum. Happy shopping! I'd love to hear what you get!

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