Monday, December 15, 2008

Geneva Leather Bound Bible for $12.84

This just in from a reader:

"I just bought a Geneva Bible for $12.84! First, I signed up to attend the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. As soon as I signed up, Vision Forum sent me a "passport" coupon worth $25 to spend at their website catalog.

Next, I found the
Geneva Bible on sale at the Vision Forum catalog website on sale 50% off ($35.00). I selected it and put it in my electronic shopping cart.

Finally, I put my passport number in the "Redeem Passport Gift Certificate" portion of the check out. It was automatically deducted AFTER I paid the tax on $35. So the total amount (shipping being free for orders over $25) came to $12.84 (the $10 difference plus $2.84 Texas sales tax)."


Nick Jesch said...

Good work!! That edition of the bible is a bargain at retail price. Getting it that way, well, its almost like walking into a store with a shotgun, except no one goes to jail!!! I've been away the weekend (stranded out of town with snowy and ocngested roads, safer to hole up with bretheren than try and make it home, particularly with the "handicap" of a heavy trailer behind the car, and no chains.. it was dry and overcast when I left home) but I see several sale announcements, amongst them from VF. I'll check them out later this evening, hunkered down by a warm fire, too dark and cold outside to do anything anyway. I guess Seattle Airport had some sort of record low temperature recorded last night. I believe it. Everything here is frozen solid.

Ashley said...

I love my Geneva Bible!

Hi! My mom found your blog through LAF. I was excited to find that you are reformed!