Saturday, December 13, 2008

Do You eBay?

Do you eBay? I and then that is. When I get the bug. I like the fact that it's easy to use with lots of handy tools when selling and buying. I particularly like being able to make invoices and print postage right here at home and then ring in the post man with the click of a button so I don't even have to go out to mail packages. It's easy to study the market to see if your Aunt Margie's ugly favorite lamp will sell. It's predicable. So you know if you are wasting your precious time on purpose or not. There's buyer protection through PayPal. Oh, and I totally love doing my accounting and am able to download my info already itemized and organized right into my accounting software. Okay that's a lie...I hate accounting, but this feature makes it's okay.

So, I added a link to our side bar. It's all the ahthelife auctions. We arrived at a point where our 1000 sq ft loss in the last move has put the squeeze on us a little to much. Feel free to peruse. Some listings start at a penny. I'll be diving out into the garage periodically for a while...and who knows what I will man's trash is know...the perfect gage gift this year...I hear Santa does his shopping on eBay for all the naughty children since coal is such a no-no these days....

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Jeremiah said...

LOL Very funny descriptions. We've never made much money on eBay unfortunately.