Friday, November 14, 2008

Tait Edward Zimmerman Jr.

Baby Z's name is Tait Edward Zimmerman Jr.

He has some clever nicknames as well that were once his father's. Taitor Tot, Totmeister and Super Tot to name a few.

Here is a recent update on Tait Jr. from his ecstatic Auntie Esther:

"Hello Everybody!

Well, all babies have holes in their hearts but, usually through the natural birthing process it closes. Since Little Z is both a preemie and a C-section his hole didn't close. So, they're giving him 3 rounds of medicine (3 doses in each round) to close it and today he gets his last round. From what the doctors say it looks like it is closing and they're hoping after today's medicine it will keep on closing...they will do an EKG to check on it. We are all anxious for him to be through with the medicine so that he can get back on mom's milk and start gaining weight and the faster he gains weight the sooner he can come home!

And, also please pray for Tait and Lauren as right now they live an hour and 20 minutes away from the hospital and they have to be there (and want to be there) as often and as long as possible. Gas prices couldn't have gone down at a better time. =P

That's all for now...I've got pictures to post from Lauren's first time holding him and she has pictures she wants me to post of him with his little mask and stuff off so we can see his precious little face. I'm told he has dark, curly hair and Tait's nose. =D

Please keep Tait Jr., Lauren and big Tait in your prayers!"

Today's update from Baby Z's mama Lauren:

"We are requesting prayer for Little Tait. They're trying to close the PDA valve in his heart with medicine; this is their last try today. Else comes surgery.... They're doing another echocardiogram tomorrow, so we'll know then whether or not the valve is closed. There's a small chance that they won't have to do surgery even if it's not closed yet. Thanks for your prayers!"

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sydney said...

Thanks for the update...I'm still praying. He's SO tiny!! Glad to hear things are looking a tad brighter than before. God watches over His own. :-)