Friday, November 21, 2008

Super Taitor Tot

Please join the Zimmerman family in expressing thankfulness to the Lord. The doctor's don't have to do surgery on Little Tait's heart. The valve is still open, but since he's so stable, they're going to let it close on its own

Thoughts from Auntie Esther:

He's doing pretty good! They're all pleased with how healthy he's been. =) Yesterday and today were a little harder and he had to have the CPAP and all that stuff cover his face again. But, he sure is adorable! Everyone says he looks like the Fitzhenry side...(YAY!)...with his dark, wavy hair and Lauren's chin and cheeks...and then Lauren says he has Tait's nose...he's just precious!! Oh, and since he was able to start eating Lauren's milk he's already up to 3 lbs 4 oz! Lauren says he's been gaining about 2 ounces a day! =) Pretty soon we're gonna' have to add "pudgo" to his already excessively long list of nicknames. Anyhow...he is doing well...he is loved, he is being held by his mommy and daddy and he is getting bigger and cuter (if that's even possible) every day!


Mrs. Pear said...

Praise the Lord!

It is so hard to see little ones sick!

Our little 10 week old has put us through the wringer (at 7 weeks we rushed her to urgent care and to make a long story short were admitted to Children's Hospital for 4 nights). And that was exactly one week after our 3 year old gave our hearts a good workout!

All this to say that those poor parents have an understanding of God many never will, and a baby to take home and love which is always a miracle, but sometimes even more. And my heart rejoices in a very special way for them because it is an understanding we share.

sydney said...

Praise the Lord! My nieces and nephews...all 5 of them...have had to have long stays in the hospital too. It's hard to watch, for sure. Ditto everything Mrs. Pear said. God's so good! :-) So happy baby Z is doing MUCH better. God DOES answer when we call! I'll continue to keep them all in my prayers.