Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prayer Request Updated

Please add the Tait Zimmerman family to your prayers as Tait and Lauren's son was delivered prematurely by c-section this afternoon. Lauren was just over 6 months into her pregnancy. Baby Zimmerman weighs 2lb 9oz.

Update: This just in from Auntie Esther Zimmerman, Tait's sister.

"Baby Z doesn't have a name yet...that seems to be only thing Tait and Lauren can't agree on! =D We were commissioned to bring them their "baby name books" today so, hopefully they'll decide soon! =) We can't wait for him to have a name!

Lauren is doing fine...she was up for awhile (SUPER WOMAN!) and was visiting baby when we got here about an hour or so ago. Right now she is resting. Baby Z is AMAZING! Everyone is very thrilled with how well he is doing...his lungs were the main concern like most preemies....but, they're really pleased with how healthy his are. He is actually kind of able to breath by himself...I'm not sure exactly what's going on right now but, sounds like he's breathing some and they're helping him out once in awhile. He's so tiny!

Oh, and since baby is going to have to be in here until at least January and because Tait and Lauren will have to be here pretty much all the time...they are going to have to figure out how to get closer to the hospital (we're about an hour and 20 minutes away right now).


Marcie said...

Hello, Ladies! How do you know the Zimmermans? Lauren was the piano teacher for my two older children until Tait whisked her away from us. We certainly envy those Alaskans as we miss her terribly! Our family will be praying for theirs today and in days to come!

(We LOVE the cds from the Genevan Foundation we won on your blog this summer!)

Ticia said...

I know from first hand experience that having a baby that early is an uphill battle for a long time.
They are in my prayers.

sydney said...

Oh, my! I wondered how they were doing. I'll definitely be praying...I just prayed for them right now and will continue. Thanks so much for the heads-up! They are definitely in for a long, hard battle.

I find it amazing that I clicked on your link on Jasmine's blog just by chance (or...God's help) today. I don't usually surf links too much.


Ashley Sebo said...

Wow! Thanks for Sharing! I'll be praying! That baby is so cute!