Saturday, November 01, 2008

The New Coop And Other Farm News

Today we spent some more time working on the new coop. It is just about done. I snapped a few pictures of a butterfly since there were too many "hands" for a time. Carrots comes inside in the evening to run and play and stretch his legs. This evening we found him on the couch. Seems he's getting a little more bold.


Ashley said...

Hello Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea!

I recntly came across your blog and I have really enjoyed the pictures and post of the Chicken coop and other farm news!
I'ts so neat to see other girls claiming and rejoicing in the God given roles of women!

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Ashley! Thank you for stopping in and introducing yourself. We are glad to make your aquaintance. God is gracious to us, isn't He, for defining our roles. It is truely a rewarding place, wonderful for us, to serve in.

Ashley Sebo said...

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea,
Your very welcome! It always an encouragement to meet other women who understand our special role! We as woman thrive when we are in the home and helping our fathers! Wherever we are, we will always serve a man, in the home or in the workforce we cannot escape the role we were made for!

The Lord Bless you!