Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Looking On The Bright Side

Here is a note I received from a friend:
7 Reasons You Shouldn't Pay Attention to the Gloom and Doom

"Gloom and Doom is everywhere! In the papers, on the news, all over the internet, even in daily conversations. Many members of the general public and the investment community are getting depressed and caught up in this propaganda at a rapid pace. The attitude is even beginning to spill into personal and professional lives as people begin to buy into it. So what’s the answer? STOP immediately!

When you focus on the negative, you always multiply your problems. Instead, see your business being so busy you have to expand…the human mind has an incredible ability to accomplish whatever you focus on.
The 7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Pay Attention to Gloom and Doom are:

1. It’s simply not true.
It is possible to have the life you want. You work hard, and the media right now is making you sheepish. It’s herding you into a corner. It’s driving a stake right into the heart of the economy. You cannot create prosperity when you are fearful. In the 70’s we were told the world’s oil was running out; clearly that didn’t happen. The media predicted a mini ice age within the last 40 years; that didn’t happen either. Global warming? Chicago has had the heaviest snowfall since 1979. The media is powerful – do your own research.

2. This is a great year for commercial real estate.
If you are planning on investing in commercial real estate this year, you are in luck. There will be a fabulous inventory of product from which to choose. Interest rates are at an all-time low. Cap rates are becoming more reasonable again. Lots of OPPORTUNITY is in store for you this year.

3. Businesses that are closing should close.
You read the same newspapers I do, and you’ve seen articles about Starbucks and other retail chains closing units. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? You need to realize these units were underperforming all along and would have been closed anyway. What the paper doesn’t tell you is that there are many units being opened as well.

4. There is more money available to exchange hands than ever before.
There is more affluence in the U.S. economy than ever before. Businesses catering to the affluent are selling goods and services at record numbers. After all, people still want to spend money.

5. Plenty of businesses and people are experiencing financial growth at the moment.
The mall parking lots are full; people are walking around with shopping bags containing multiple purchases. Restaurants are still busy; you still need a reservation. Many Fortune 500’s are having banner years.

6. More money was paid into the IRS in 2007 than ever before.
This is self-explanatory. The only way this was possible is if Americans earned record amounts of income!

7. Abundance is a mindset. There are no limits to what you can create, and there are endless opportunities.

If you focus on recession, that energy follows your thought. The more you focus on abundance and prosperity, the more you get.

Remember, history has recorded that more millionaires were created during the Great Depression than in any other time because of the infamous “poor economy”. These people prospered because they believed in themselves and were willing to take calculated risks. They made tremendous amounts of money because they did not let the media control their destiny – they took charge! Take charge and get going…"


Anonymous said...

I do agree that alot of the "super negative" information we hear is also hype because it is an election year. However, the Lord Jesus is to be our example, and he had no portfolios, successful businesses, bank accounts, or real estate investments. In fact, he had no place to lay His head.

Also, something that really troubles me is the similarity of Mr. Brown's words to the Oprahfication of our attitudes; the "if you believe it you can achieve it...don't let negative thoughts steal your success, etc." Mr. Brown's statment of "If you focus on recession, that energy follows your thought. The more you focus on abundance and prosperity, the more you get." sounds like something out of the book "The Secret". That energy follows you???? Who am I hearing there...Oprah? Anthony Robbins? Some other self help guru telling me how I can project my thoughts and energies toward my success? I am very disturbed by the language here. Where is the Bible in all of Mr. Browns writing? It is more of a self help pep talk with alot of new age dribble thrown in. Please prayerfully consider is coming from an older lady and spoken in love. Mrs. H.

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Mrs. H~
Thank you for your concerns. I would say that the idea is simply this: We are always called to hope to have a confident expectation. One needs to be "solution-oriented" in their thinking. If we don't look for a solution to a problem, we will not find one. Be diligent with the knowledge that the Lord has commissioned us to do a great work for His Glory and will bless us as we seek to bring glory to Him.

The godless make a weird spin on biblical truths I agree. It looks like a bunch of hoo-doo voo-doo. The heathen will believe it too. They pass by and are punished. The foolish need to learn the hard way.

I do not think that Christians should think that there is not opportunity even now. If we have no plans, we have no course of action. If we make it our habit to only think on the circumstances we will not seek to hope and make plans. This is not a time to discourage the hopeful and the believing. Discouragement due to circumstances keeps Christians from hoping, from making plans, from seeking solutions, from overcoming and building upon hopes.

I do not believe that we Christians should espouse a defeated attitude. There are those who's preponderance of thoughts are how to have a good attitude in losing. It becomes their sole focus and so the end result is NOT overcoming but death of hope. They become content to let the heathen rule and suffer. They make no plans to build a Christian culture. They never stop to consider that there could be, right now, opportunity for their greatest hopes to be realized in spite of the circumstances around them and so they do not seek to apply the robust Christian character to try for it.

Our hopes are not our own design but those that the Lord put in us. Are we willing to suffer for a Christian victory? Most are not. They are not solution-oriented. If they were, they would proceed in hope and believe their duty is to suffer for the cause of victory rather than defeat. Our family has seen it again and again. They simply do not look for a hopeful outcome with confidence in that hope because God has called them to. We have been commanded to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth. God said it and He didn't say do it only when "things" look good. If we wait until everything looks good to hope, what does that say of our faith? Many believe only in what they see the circumstances seem to be saying. What will turn the circumstances around? Will we as Christians wait for someone else to change the social and economic climate before we act? How silly is that? We have already left it to the heathen to dictate what our nation will be like? Who will turn it around except us?

We need to develop opportunistic minds in America. Our public school system has created a nation of people that are not creative visionary thinkers, but rather those that are employee minded. They have a slave mentality. American's don't mind working around someone else's schedule, for a wage that someone else says their god given talents are worth and building a life according to the dictates of others. They have a slave mentality and so they are glad when they are promised many benefits. They voted in Obama accordingly and simply for personal economic reasons, the many benefits he promised.

There is a time to be frugal, to cut back and to think about less, but not at the cost of thinking productively. If the preponderance or our thoughts are "go without" are we thinking about how to overcome? Often there is a time when Christians will have to work for "the man." But while he is constrained by the limited productivity of that job is he itching to create abundance outside the limits he is living under? Wage slaves are capped as to how much they can produce and if they are fine with that, how will we ever become the head and not the tail of this nation? It is going to take great resources in the hands of godly men to accomplish much. If we are not thinking along those lines, we are thinking defeat and not looking to achieve that. The "let someone else do it attitude" has earned us Obama. It is not a time to think as defeatists.

When defeated Christians make this their sole course of action it is because the preponderance of their thoughts are how to live according to the dictates of circumstances. They eventually find themselves in a place where they are no longer productive hopeful thinkers. They are no longer thinking about how to create and overcome. There is no room in their minds for believing God will bless with results on the other end of the spectrum, with profit & abundance in all areas of life.

It takes robust Christian character to proceed in times when the outlook seems it will only bring depression, loss, suffering etc. The point of Mr. Browns article is this: Yes, times look dismal. Do you have what it takes to think there are solutions to be found and to think we can overcome? Can you look at the problem and not "just see the problem?" If so, and additionally, are you willing to apply Christian character to build again? That takes thinking about possibilities, opportunities, nourishing your faith with scripture and holding to a confident expectation while proceeding as though it will come together as you walk in obedience to God's commands to do so. It's what we call Christian heroism because God has recreated you in His image and you are His and no longer in the flesh only able to work your own will and fleshly devices.

This is not a time to discourage and discount hope. We will suffer but we should espouse the ideas that we can rise again, overcome. It will take, as Mr. Brown is pointing out, focusing on the solution and expecting God to providentially intervene.

Soli Deo gloria,

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

I would like to add that we should consider that the author of the article Mr. Brown shared is most likely speaking from a position of experience and so sees what we can not. That is, he has walked through the mine field and so knows where to step and would like to show us. In other words it's not philosophy but proven truth.
In Christ,

Trinity Mommy said...

Wonderfully written!

Anonymous said...

Nice insight. Thank you.

-Christine from Arizona

Nick Jesch said...

What Mr. Brown has written here, and Miss Kelly's response to the anonymous poster, makes me consider Gideon. He had "bought" the "media reports" and general doom and gloom forecastings of their situation, and discounted God's unfailing promise "I will be with you always, fear not" So, here he was, hiding out under a winepress threshing grain... not being the right time for crushing grapes, it was one of the last places anyone would look to find someone doing anything industrious (as he was plainly doing). Remember, God had to do some serious arguing and persuading to convince Gideon there COULD be, and most certainly was, a solution. You know the rest of the story. Was this "pollyanna thinking" I rather think not. Simply a mighty God raising up and launching HIS agent to bring about significant change in the nation of Israel. We read, in the same book bearing the account of Gideon, that unrighteous deeds will be openly shown for what they are. It takes time, but folly will always out. And there is MUCH folly abroad in our land today, both within and without the church.

Interesting side note: My own granddad found himself out of a job at the close of World War 2, the naval shipyard cutting back on employees. He had survived the Great Depression with his family intact and healthy. What did he and Grandma do? In their early sixties, they launched into what became their third career.... they bought a little country store outside a nothing town far from the "big city". And they operated that place another twenty years, living comfortably, establishing themselves as key members of that growing community. They also retired in comfort, having had long and full lives, many friends and family to delight their later years. Oh, and good health into the bargain. (or, as Grandma would have put it: "to boot"). Most men at that age and time would have been content to sit back, retire, eek by on their pensions, biding their time till death settled the score. Noo, they rolled up their sleeves and launched a great new enterprise.

And today there are opportunities abounding, for those who have the eyes to see. Mr. Brown's prediction that there will be an abundance of commercial real estate on offer for a song is, I believe, accurate. This is something I've also been following, and as underproducing companies fold, as they should, because the times will no longer support the imprudent, their spaces will be wanting new uses. Abundant capital has made construction of such facilities possible, and the lack of tenants will result in very favourable market conditions for those looking to start a new career. Rather than hunkering down under a winepress threshing out a few heads of wheat, the forward thinking and opportunistic minded who are willing to step out, and work, will find incredible opportunity open to them.