Saturday, November 22, 2008

Building A Wire Cage Floor

Today I built a floor for the cage that Snow Paws came in.
The trick is to make the square corners fit inside the round cornered tub. I made a paper pattern of the rounded corner. I eye-balled the length needed and then trimmed the runner a little long and at with couple different angles that looked about right. After that I trimmed it at a slope inward.

I cut and fit the cross braces angling the ends a little as well since the sides of the tub slope out. I had to rip a 1x4 remnant to make 2 of them. The whole project took 1-8ft 1x2 and a the 16in remnant along with the wire 6 screws and a handful of staples. Make sure that you have a Dad with a chop saw and materials before starting this project. ;o)

Next I drilled pilot holes, and then I drilled countersink holes. After that it was pretty easy to screw it together. Oh yes, and make sure you have a Dad with a drill, drill bits, and such.

Make sure that everything is flush before drilling. Since it's going in a rabbit cage floor you might want to consider sealing the wood with something that is non-toxic.

Next comes the wire floor. I used 1x1 in the event that there is ever baby rabbits in this cage. It bends pretty easy around the wood. I laid the frame on top of the wire and folded it upward. Wire snips made sizing it easy. Then I hammered it down with staples. It's the fastest way when the staple gun is missing. Dad with staple gun not necessary...

It fit snugly and I was glad because I don't want any babies falling in the cracks.

I wired the lid on along the back side. I can flip the wire top off and clean out the tray if need be. After that I put the cage door on and pinched the connection so that it won't fall off anymore. Now it's time to go pick up wifey-poo.


Anonymous said...

Am I to understand that there will be rabbit #4 and it will be a Mrs.???


Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Um, I in trouble? Any rabbits that show up after that will be her fault...;o)

Anonymous said...

I thought that you knew to keep them in seperate cages where they can only wink at one another.