Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rabbit Hutch Plans and Mystery Prizes

Mr. Harey Rabbit's home is under construction...

He is antsy with anticipation...
And so are we to see who win the current blog give-aways. I will announce the winners of the rabbit and hen naming contest on Monday the 27th. That leaves 6 days to submit as many entries as you want. Monday we will see who are the winners of the mystery prizes! We've had great submissions so far and it's gonna be tough to pick!


Tori said...

Hey There!
I was looking at your rabbit, it's so cute. I have a rabbit too.
Some names for your chickens could be, well, ummm,
Butter, Niomi,Canon, Lone, well you get the point. Talk to you later.

Tori said...

Hey, it's Tori again. I thought of another name, for the chickens. Hazel would be perfect!! Watcha think??

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Oh, goodness...this is going to be difficult with so many great names! The judges are starting to sweat!

Livvy said...

Scone? Muffin? Lemon puff? Clotted cream?

Frappe? Cappuccino? Expresso?!?

I'm running out....

Tori said...

Hey Guys,
Tori here, letting you in on another name for your chickens, Or at least one of them. One could be called Mr. Clucker, or Mr. Cluckers
I know you're announcing the winning name on Monday, but where will you announce it and how will we know? Will you submit a blog entry to let us know?
Thanks so much!!