Friday, October 03, 2008

Outlook...I'm on it...

Has anyone seen my email? I'm on the outlook. They are all missing.

I just lost all of them or it looks that way. I use Outlook for my email program and it just died...I think. I wasn't even using it, honest. It wasn't even an active window. do you like that? This is right when I say, "Ooo, Ooo adventure." And google for a recovery tool. Who doesn't like a challenge anyway? So the adventure begins. We'll see what happens.

So, if anyone is expecting a reply to a recently sent email...It will be delayed a bit...

God Bless,

Update in case anyone cares about technical data type stuff: So it seems that Outlook 2000 users aren't allowed to let their personal file folders get over 2GB total. It's against the rules. And there is no warning. The software doesn't notify you when you are about to cross the line.

Fixing it requires surgery. The over sized file is truncated down to just under 2GB. The recovery tool, that previously refused to work, will now work on the smaller file. Heh hem...after the scan is done when you get to finally click "repair" click it once and be patient. It is working. You can't skip this part even if you want to and thing you can.

The butchered repaired file can then be opened in Outlook and the doctoring of the wound can begin. I was curious to see what part of the file would be cut off. It was the inbox of all things. I have my really large deleted items file (that should have been emptied a long time ago) still.

But it's nice to know it worked. Even if there's a hefty chunk missing.

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Nick Jesch said...

SUch strange goings on, with no warning and coomplex fixes, is why I tend not to use Microsoft applications. I've found Mozilla's Firefox to be superb, reliable, and free... it also seems to be faster than either IE or Outlook... but then, I've not been a fan of Mr. Gates' products for some time. Maybe Outlook has other "redeeming values" that make it a viable choice. Unexpectedly freezing, though.... that's harsh.