Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mr. Harey Rabbit

Mr. Pope says "good bye" to Harey...Thank you Mr. Pope...
Harey makes new friends...and I received many questions.
I heard this several times, "Are you going to keep him?" and, "Are you bringing him next Sunday?" and, "How long are you going to keep him?" but my favorite was, "Next time you catch a rabbit can I have it?"

He has one brown eye...

...and he has one blue eye, which is kind of hard to see in this photo but it's light blue.

Kind of looks like a patched eye with that dark spot....don't you think?
"Aye me name is Captain Harey?!?!?!"
Well...maybe not? I guess it's time for a naming contest...
Any suggestions on what we should call him?
How about Gilbert Blithe? He likes carrot tops....
The winner of this contest will receive a mystery prize!


Charlotte said...

Dominic thinks you should name him Harry Spotter.

Nathan Hayden said...


The names of the rabbits we've had are:
Elizabeth, Zach, Ethan, Dandy, Daisy,

Our current ones are Benny and Bekah.

If you want some not-so-realistic names, Jumper, Flopper, Hopper, Dasher, Hider, Sniffer, Chinner, Nibbler,and Eater

Characteristics of "Captain Harey" seem to be: Patchy or A-patchy, Smiley, Sweetie, and Calm-Boy

I might just have to comment later if I think of more names,

Lydia said...

Awwww, he is such a cutie. :) I love the different colored eyes and very pretty tortoise colored coat. Is he a Tortoise colored Dutch?

I have always been partial to human names in naming animals. Not sure why but that is what I tend to do. Nathan already gave all our rabbits' names. I named a pair of goldfish "Angela" and "David" when I was a young girl. I just liked the names so those were their names. I also named a Betta fish "Ichthys" or "Ichy" for short. It is the Greek word for fish.

I really think he looks like a Henry. Don't you think "Henry Rabbit" or "Henry Bunny" has a nice sound to it? :)

Well, whatever you decide I think he looks like a swell guy and I am sure he will give you many hours of pleasure as a pet and ahem...compost manufacturer. ;)

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Yes indeed! Please feel free to submit as many names as you want. (And if you have any advice on how to catch him when he's loose in the house we'd love to hear that too!) I have no idea what "color" he is. Brown? lol...I'll have to do a little research to see what they consider him to be....Great names so far...

For those that don't know he's a dutch rabbit if that helps any with the creative thinking process...

Lydia said...

For ideas on how to catch him when he gets loose:

1) We have used a laundry basket before to throw over a rabbit that was running loose in the yard. A towel or blanket might also work for this purpose.

2) We have also had times when we had to wear the rabbit out by chasing it all over the backyard. This takes more time (not to mention wearing out the human, hehe) but it works most the time. It might take longer for a younger rabbit since they don't seem to tire as easily. Anyway, you just chase him all over the house until he gets worn down then he will "surrender" by lying down and panting heavily or until he is cornered somewhere. :) I think it would harder to do this in a house since there are more things to hid behind and places that humans can't run around.

3) Lastly, you could try a favorite treat like an apple piece or small chunk of carrot. Our rabbits never seemed to be much into treats so we didn't do this much. Maybe your rabbit would accept a bribe...but I would think that the same with children, using a bribe would not be a wise method to training a rabbit. ;)

Abigail said...

How about Dutchie, Peter Rabbit, Theodore,Johannes,or we like to give our animals Bible names that we wouldn't use for people like, Boaz, Moses, Jonah, Abraham, Amos, Obadiah.

He sure is cute!

Lauren Christine said...

I love the name Gilbert Blythe... y'all really made me smile with that one! :) Carrot tops... Tee hee.

Nick Jesch said...

I had to think a half-minute to get the Gilbert joke.... but its a great name. Actually, since he's a "buck" (male) you could combine Gilbert and Buck, and call him Gilbuck. Oh, and now you know what to do with your collard greens since you don't seem to be interested in eating them yourselves. I'm sure this fine fluffy fellow would find them quite toothsome. Rabbits make excellent pets, most don't smell bad, unless they're not cared for with clean "houses", but I'm sure that won't be an issue with you lot. Even the shorthaired ones are incredibly soft and cuddly. I've held some of the longhaired ones, even the Angorras. Absolutely amazing how soft they are. This one looks to be a fine fellow indeed. Name him and keep him... my advice.

The Serven Clan said...

Very cute little bunny. Name ideas . . . hmm. What about after a historical figure that you are learning about? Erasmus, Athenasius, or St. Brendan. Or a theological concept which you want to learn to spell? Like: Sacerdotalism, etc. Hey! You could call him 'Sacer' for short : )

Resting in His joy,

Nathan Hayden said...

(My mom had this idea.)
Since he is of a Dutch breed, you could begin with the name “Dutch,” which was Ronald Reagan's nickname. Since Ronald Reagan's initials are RR, and RR represents “Railroad,” you can think about what travels on railroads, “Trains.” The sound, “Choo-Choo” is made by trains. Because trains blare the sound, “Choo-Choo,” and rabbits “Chew- Chew,” this could be his name. (I wouldn't recommend naming him “Chewy” because someone might get the wrong idea!) He's sure a cutie-bunny!

Abigail said...

Or how about a Puritan or Reformer name, like John Owen, Martin Luther, John Calvin,etc

Nathan Hayden said...

I have more!

Dandelion, Sandy, Carrots, Prancer, Tiger (He almost looks like one,) Autumn, Cappuccino, Caramel, Buster, Buddy, Benji, Honey.

I'll mention more as I think of them.

Anonymous said...

Miss Andrea and Miss Kelly,

This is the first time I've been on your blog. I enjoy it! :)

I liked the names Abigail gave. It fits for this time of the year.

I had one: "Blue eye, brown eye"! ;) I know it sounds funny, but it's true.

Really, I'm not good at naming pets, 'cause I've never had pets before. Oh, well! Boy, this is hard!

Here's another: "Silly face".

Here's another: (something my Mom used to call me) "Sweetie pie"

I think it would be a lot easier to give the rabbit a name if I knew it's personality.


Johanna Kautt