Thursday, September 25, 2008

LAF Book Review: Get Married ~ Candice Watters

Candice Watters is bold, and she’s on a mission to challenge the “being single is holier” myth that has pervaded Christendom in recent years. Her unabashed endorsement of Christian marriage is a breath of fresh air and offers hope to unmarried women who desire godly spouses and families.

Let’s face it; there are thousands of unmarried Christian women out there who wonder where all the “Mr. Rights” have gone. Where are the men who desire a godly wife and have a vision to bring up the next generation of Christians? In our culture of “hooking up” (yes, sadly, even in Christian circles) and extended adolescence, a mature, respectable man is regarded like a UFO sighting: rare, unbelievable, and unlikely to pass by again.

So when Candice Watters boldly declares that women need to get serious about marriage and pray for it to happen, it might seem a bit pie-in-the-sky to jaded women who’ve nearly given up. But Mrs. Watters doesn’t just cast the vision; she provides practical, biblical steps that single ladies can take in their quest to become a “Mrs.”

Get Married: What Women Can Do to Help It Happen covers this topic from many angles, providing insights into the “holy pursuit” of marriage, why men aren’t jerks, living in preparation for marriage, and praying boldly for a godly spouse. Whether you come from the courtship camp or have never heard of the term, you can benefit from this refreshing, challenging book. I found myself dog-earing pages and highlighting sentences and paragraphs as I read through the book twice, marking out quotes I wanted to send to unmarried friends to encourage them. Get Married is chock-full of winners, and Mrs. Watters is not afraid to tackle the hard questions and the sticky situations.
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4 comments: said...

Thank you for putting this information on your site. This is an answer to our prayers.

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

I am glad we were able to help. Recently as a family we have had our eyes opened on the matter and we are finding just how wide spread the situation is that we find outselves in. We are currently examining the problem further and are working on different ideas so as to help young ladies that find themselves in the same situation as ourselves. Please be encouraged as it is like any other area of life where we find we have to wisely work towards that end God calls us to. It appears that Christians have over-complicated the process. God is faithful however to help us to that end He intends for us. Be aware of His helps and know that He wants you married.

In Christ,

Nick Jesch said...

Miss Kelly, I do believe you are on the mark wiht your statement that we,the church, have overcomplicated this issue. I remember well the kerfuffle following on Dr. Albert Mohler's address to a young single's conference (New Attitude?) wherein he boldly declared that to put off marriage in favour of (insert goal not biblically mandated.. degree, money in bank, house paid for, new SUV in driveway, see the world up close, etc) is sin. God has clearly established marriage as the norm, for the vast majority of His children. Now, how do we reverse the damage done by holding to these false priorities? I have felt for a long time that church leadership are in an unique position to assist in this regard, first in consistently and boldly tearing down the strongholds the culture have placed upon us (concepts like soul mate, chemistry, Finding Mr/s Right, that sort of thing), and second by proactively working to help those desiring marriage to find their spouses. Who is better positioned to do this? But we, as individuals, cannot fob off our own responsibility to do what we might.

. said...

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I bought two of these books and shared one with a friend. This is great reading!!