Wednesday, September 03, 2008

From Scott Brown Online...

Whenever the protective barrier is broken, things change. In this case, the glass ceiling has left a blood on the floor and millions of women who bear the scars from it. This is why I do agree with the feminists on this point, “You’ve come a long way baby.”
We should consider the possibility that American women today are experiencing a level of dissatisfaction, stress and unhappiness that American women have never before experienced. Feminism made them dissatisfied enough with their lives to throw off convention. But when they reap the fruits of their liberation, they find that what they got was not exactly desirable. That result is enshrined in the statement, “You’ve got your own cigarette now baby, You’ve come a long long way.”
But there is a better way in the home centered, husband helping, child raising life that God has ordained for the happiness of his daughters and their families.

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Nick Jesch said...

An accurate and astute analysis of the situation. HHmmm, let me see here, didn't I read somewhere about another group of people, complaining about their diet of same old same old, and begging for a change? When the "change" flew in on a fresh wind, they ate until they were sick. But then, guess what? The "change" stayed with them long enough to become the "same old same old", their sickness worsened.... until finally the quail either were all eaten or flew away. Ah, THEN they found the original same old same old wasn't so bad after all....... at the least, it didn't make them sick!!
So many are angry at God for His supposed opposition to fun and freedom. But, serving the gods of our own slefish desires lead to neither fun nor freedom. Would that we could learn to quickly heed His voice continually! Ach, what a mess, hey?