Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Count Your Blessings Monday - Ike Edition

Marci over at "Down on the Farm" has a wonderful thing going. Every Monday she blogs about what she is thankful for and asks readers to join in. This week's edition falls on Tuesday due to hurricane Ike. Please visit Marci to see the pictures of her "different looking farm" after a visit from Ike and keep her and her family in your prayers they have quite a mess to clean up. If you have stopped in at "Down on the Farm" before, perhaps you have taken an evening cyber-walk with Marci around her farm. She is a gracious hostess. Unfortunately, due to Ike she has lost some of her lovely trees, part of what makes cyber-walks with her so enjoyable.
Marci mentioned that friends loaned them a generator....and it reminds me of all the times in Alaska that John saved us by keeping the place running while the tough winter elements were testing us. He was the one that always went out and braved the elements to take care of whatever was needed and I REALLY appreciated being able to rely on him. He was no ordinary kid. At a very young age he was "doing all the man stuff" and I was certainly very thankful. If it wasn't for him I am certain we would have all turned to Popsicles or worse. He set a great example for his younger brothers who are now doing the same, only it's the Texas version and it includes snake wrangling.

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