Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thoughts On Unity

"I do verily believe that when God shall accomplish it (unity), it will be the effect of love, and not the cause of love. It will proceed from love, before it brings forth love." ~John Owen

" When I have communion with a saint, I must not look so much whether he be of such an opinion, or whether he have taken the covenant, or to have been baptized once or twice or them times, but see if he have fellowship with the Father, and with Jesus Christ." ~Walter Craddock

"Labor mightily for a healing spirit. Away with all discriminating names whatever that man hinder the applying of balm to heel your woulds...Discord and division become no Christian. for wolves to worry the lambs is no wonder, but for one lamb to worry another, this is unnatural and monstrous." ~ Thomas Brooks

"Unity without verity is no better than conspiracy" ~ John Trapp

"And if ever we intend to take one step towards any agreement or unity, it must be by fixing this principle in the minds of all men--that it is of no advantage to any man whatever church or way in Christian religion he be of, unless he personally believe the promises, and live in obedience unto all the precepts of Christ; and that for him who doth so, it is a trampling of the whole Gospel under foot to say that his salvation could be endangered by his not being of this or that church or way, especially considering how much of the world hath immixed itself into all the known ways that are in it. Were this once well fixed on the minds of men, and did they practically believe that men shall not me dealt withal at the last day by gross, as of this or that party or church, but that every individual must stand upon his own bottom, live by his own faith, or perish for want for it...we should quickly find their keenness in promoting and contending for their several parties taken off. ~John Owen