Thursday, July 24, 2008

Richard Baxter On Marriage: God's Calling

Richard Baxter On Marriage

"Direct. I. Take heed that neither lust not rashness do thrust you into a married condition, before you see such reasons to invite you to it, as may assure you of the call and approbation of God. For, 1. It is God that you must serve in your married state, and therefore it is meet that you take his counsel before you rush upon it; for he knoweth best himself what belongeth to his service. 2. And it is God that you must still depend upon, for the blessing and comforts of your relation: and therefore there is sent, as the chief thing requisite to the match: if the consent of parents be necessary, much more is the consent of God."


The Serven Clan said...

Baxter has some wonderfully helpful directives, encouragements, and cautions regarding calling of marriage. Rich stuff. I've much more to read, but the Lord particularly used some of Baxter's thoughts to bring clarity in my own heart on this subject over this past year. I would highly recommend his work to others. Glad you girls are enjoying his thoughts too.

Resting in His joy,

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

I am starting a "Baxter on Marriage" series here on the blog for younger ladies to reference.
Please feel free to stop in anytime to add comments, encouragements, or thoughts that you'd like to add for them as well.

God Bless,