Friday, July 18, 2008

Get Behind Your Man...

Here are some excellent directions to wives that apply equally to daughters on how to get behind your husband or father in order to build him up and encourage him in all that he does. Whether it's in business or anything else, these are guidelines that Andrea and I have been taught, have espoused and found to be completely true. We have found that when we encourage our father in these ways he far more motivated to slay dragons for us than if we resort to nagging, manipulating and other sorts of negative influence.

We hope you'll benefit from them.

"Throughout our years of marriage and asking God to make me a better wife to Elijah, God has taught me so many things. Today I was reflecting on the importance of writing them down in the form of resolutions. I thought of 12 resolutions for wives. They address things that I have learned or behaviors that I have observed that are just not becoming to women in relationship with their husbands:"

Please click the link to read the rest of Camelia's post about how to "Get Behind Your Man"

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The Armour Family said...

Hello Ladies : )

I came across your blog and have been blessed, convicted, and encouraged - THANK YOU!

I would like to read the "Get Behind Your Man" post but am unable to access the blog as I have not been invited. Any other way I can get there or request to be invited?

Thank you for your attention to this and for sharing the wisdom God has granted you to bring glory to Him!

In Christ ALONE,