Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ode to Hens

As introductions are really very long over due,
We'd like you to meet New Hen One..
and New Hen Two,
"Give us names!" we ask and cordially invite,
Innomination is surely a disparaging plight.
Be it Gerty, or Gracie or Pheobe or Sue,
Or Mildred or Martha or Henny-O-Lou,
"What a pickle!" They surely are deserving of names,
Have you any suggestions for our new fluffy dames?


Dutchess said...

Bridget and Bailey I think would be fabulous names for such fluffable fowl

yoshi3329 said...

I love Alice and Harriet!

Matt said...

I'd suggest Kung Pao and Almond. It works especially well if Chicken is their last name.

Maegan said...

Delightful chickens deserve great names. How about...
General Tso and Nugget?

Marci said...

Henny & Penny

Peck & Scratch

Cordelia & Victoria

Marci said...

Pride & Joy
Sugar & Spice
Morning & Glory
Violet & Daisy
Faith & Hope
Thunder & Lightning
Melody & Harmony
Kit & Kaboodle
Cinnamon & Nutmeg
Lavender & Lace
Daisy & Maisy
Pip & Squeak
Peace & Patience
Coffee & Cappuccino
Biscuit & Honey
Megan & Morgan
Mona & Lisa
Beauty & Brains
Eliza & Jane
Annabelle & Isabelle
Peaches & Cream
Chitter & Chatter

The above names were all suggestions for my name the lamb twin contest.

the delapers said...

Chickens, How exciting! How many eggs will 2 chickens supply? Will you get a rooster?

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

We're hoping for 2 eggs a day. I understand that there is the possibility that they will lay one at night and one in the morning. So we may get up to 4 a day.

We won't be getting a rooster because we are in the city. However, if we wish to compete with the neighbors, we may turn our stereo up to full blast and play rooster cock-a doodles to dual with their bass music.

Dutchess said...

I've heard that roosters are the most obnoxious creatures on earth...

Anonymous said...

i suggest Ruth & Katie, though thunder & lightning has a nice ring to it as well ^^

Dad said...

I recomend Shake and Bake.